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The Seven Business Lessons you should have learned in 2003! Take a look, if you didn't get it then, you will lose in 2004.

2003 Lessons

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a focused process of analysis, planning and implementation to successfully launch or right a business venture.

CPath Solutions is a professional services firm that helps businesses clarify and understand their goals, and delivers the customized strategy and tactics to significantly improve results. CPath’s partners bring objectivity and over 100 years of experience in a wide range of skill sets and disciplines that enable them to identify where and how an organization can run better. CPath provides rapid delivery so clients realize results FAST, and then leaves the client with the knowledge and skills necessary to sustain results over time.

CPath is about getting results.
CPath stands for integrity and doing what is best for the client.
CPath’s process and delivery works FAST.

CPath Solutions in the Media

Are those lying liars lying to you? Read "When People Lie at Work" by Dr. Mildred Culp in the Knoxville News Sentinel wherein she interviews CPath Partner Michael Berman on his views for dealing with liars. Also read "Manage the Customer" by Mike Berman in PR Intelligence Report

CPath also appears in these publications:

“If you listen closely to CPath Solutions and follow their precepts, you will learn to focus your sales efforts on only those activities that directly impact the things that matter: conversion and long-term retention. Your close rates will increase, your sales cycle will shorten, and perhaps most importantly, you will eliminate many unnecessary and wasteful activities.
If you don't partner with CPath Solutions and you go out of business, you have no one to blame but yourself.”

~~ Dave Gray, CEO/Founder

We received our best accolade from this client, a medical services company. The CEO told us "he loved us and hated us". He loved us because we worked fast, had insight and added tremendous value to his operation. He hated us because we opened his eyes to things he should have seen himself. Neither CPath nor the client were afraid to see it and say it.

A CPath engagement will expose things you did not know, and provide the answers and effort to grow sales and profits. It's that simple.

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